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I am Bartolome A. Cabahug Jr., of legal age, married, from Philippines, graduated from the degree of Bachelor of Science major in PSYCHOLOGY and MA in THEOLOGY currently, I AM A COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR 1



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Created: 12/07/2018 18:07:08
Last modified: 13/07/2018 15:03:00

General Information & Contact

Demographic: Philippino, Male, 44 years old
Contact email:
Contact phone: +63977-3274631
Native language: English

Personal Statement

I am a teachable person and easy to talk with with high morale and respectable person here in our society and to other places to the school where I used to render my services as an Instructor. I can work even without the supervision of my direct superior and can keep confidentiality of the records of the employer. I can easily establish a good rapport to other people even I just met them.

I use to come to my duty an hours prior to my hour regular duty and use to lend my hands for the needy and always have a heart to reach out those who are really needs my help and attention.

I am a trusted person and can keep any confidentially that the name of my company will remain preserve and prestige still..

I am a prayerful person with a heart and mind which is always optimistic even there is a trials in life. I am not easily to give up but use to faces whatever endeavors that comes to my life.

I am a friendly, and loyal person specially if I was treated fairly and equally with high morale respect.

I use to promote my company even that I an not yet a regular because I do believe in promoting my company is also promoting the high morale of the company and to myself as well.

I am not use to include my personal problems to my working area in order to avoid negative vibration and impact to the others. Instead, I handled my personal problems as if no one will knows on it.


Other Skills and Hobbies

I used to give seminars, recollection, retreats to different institutions and companies whom they can trusted my expertise both spiritual and academic and social.

I love listening to other people and give them an attention and good motivation and encouragement for them to grow.


Employment Requirements

Desired position: Teacher College/University
Availability: Available now
Wants to work in: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam
Requested salary: Negotiable
Work types: Fulltime

I am looking for an employer whom that I can serve with wholeheartedly and share my knowledge and skills. I will not expect a high salary for as long as it is fair and reasonable. also can help me if possible for my airfares, if there is only.

I am looking for an employer that can support or help me on how to find someways on how to settle my debts when my late son was hospitalized for almost eight months and two months in the Intensive Care Unit.

I need an employer whom that can help me as a sole provider of the needs of the family because I am alone who have a work but my salary is not enough.

Likewise, I need an employer for my wife and baby's needs because she is four months pregnant now and we don't have yet a things for baby's needs and a good house for us to live well. We use to lie down in the floor using thin mattresses and our ceiling is full of holes and we cannot sleep well at nights especially if there is a heavy rains.

Since birth up to my present age now I have not yet experiencing lying on a good bed with a good ceiling and comfortable comfort room and house; with lights and water which is always cut-off due to monetary income shortages..

I hope that this site can help me to find any employer for the needs of my wife and family as well as to our upcoming baby.

thank you very in advance and God bless us always.