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Richard Steadman

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Richard Steadman



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Created: 13/09/2011 20:45:53
Last modified: 13/09/2011 21:12:51

General Information & Contact

Demographic: New Zealander, Male, 35 years old
Contact email:
Contact phone: 555555555
Native language: English
Other languages: Chinese - Cantonese (Speaking: Elementary, Literacy: Elementary)

Employment history

  • TEFL Instructor

    Bangkok School of English - Bangkok, Thailand
    Jan 2011 to Jul 2011

    I worked as a TEFL instructor working with primary aged students on a six month contract.

  • Primary School Teacher

    Burnside Primary School - Christchurch, New Zealand
    Jan 2006 to Dec 2010

    I worked as a primary school teacher from graduation until just recently.


Educational qualifications

  • TEFL (2010)

    Christchurch TEFL Institute - Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Bachelor of Education (2005)

    Primary Education, Physical Education
    Otago University - Dunedin, New Zealand


Personal Statement

I am a very loyal and conscientious employee. I am hardworking and try to do the best for my students. I have several recommendations from my past employers which demonstrate these qualities.


Other Skills and Hobbies

I enjoy guitar and the drums and I like to use these in my classrooms where I can. I also enjoy travel and I have a lot of travel experience which I also like to bring into my classrooms.


Employment Requirements

Desired position: Primary Teacher
Availability: Available now
Wants to work in: China, Taiwan, Thailand
Requested salary: At least 15,000 RMB per month
Work types: Fulltime

I am looking for a position in an international school. I would prefer working with a primary homeroom class. I expect return airfares, health insurance and a salary that reflects my skills and qualifications.



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