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ESL teachers needed in beautuful Changsha city with great package!

We are looking for 19 ESL TEACHERS nto teach at beautiful Changsha city with salary 17,000 RMB +upfront flight ticket + housing provided!

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Step by Step HR
Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu (China)



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Company: Step by Step HR
Location: Jiangning District, Nanjing, Jiangsu (China)
Category: Kindergarten (Education jobs)
Listed: 13/08/2019
Type: Fulltime
Salary: At least US$3,200 per month

Why Changsha?

Though 3,500 years have elapsed after the founding of Changsha City, people can still feel the past prosperity of the ancient city from a great number of historical remains in the city. A woman corpse that had been sunk in sleep for more than 2,000 years astonished the world along with the discovery of over 3,000 precious cultural relics excavated from the Han tombs at Mawangdui, making people in the world gasp in admiration at the advanced civilization created by the ancient people in Hunan. The Yuelu Academy tucked away in green pines and cypresses is quiet and unsophisticated. Several dozen cultural giants who founded new schools in Chinese history once gave lectures at the academy. At the Yuelu Academy, tourists will feel strong cultural flavor from every hall, pavilion, tablet and inscription.

What is your teaching experience at our school?

Student age: 3 - 12
Working schedule: 5 days/week
Working hour: 36 hours/week (16 teaching hours)
Class size: 10 - 14 students/class
Teaching assistant
Curriculum: CLIL (Content Learning Integrated Language)
What is our offer?

-Salary: 17,000 RMB after tax
-Ending contract bonus: 8,000 RMB
-Sponsored Work visa and full support during the visa application procedure.
-Health insurance provided.
- Housing provided
-National and public holidays paid

When do we need teachers to start working?

From August until the end of the year

What is our requirements?

Native English teachers.
Holding a Bachelor degree at least.
Having a great passion on education.
Loving working with kids.

If you are interested, send your CV, copy of your BA degree and teaching certificate (if you have) to the email address:

Please add your phone number with country code and your skype ID on your CV. Otherwise, we will not consider your application!

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