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Shane English School Yuxi

This is the profile for Shane English School Yuxi an employer based in Hongta District, Yuxi, Yunnan (China). If this employer has any current China job vacancies then they will be listed below.

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Shane English School Yuxi
50, Hongta Da Dao
Hongta District, Yuxi, Yunnan (China)


Employer name: Shane English School Yuxi
Category: Education
Address: 50, Hongta Da Dao
Hongta District
Contact name: Paul Rushton
Contact email:
Employer website:
Founded in Shanghai in 2000, Shane English School China (S.E.S.C), currently operates over 30 Schools in over 30 different cities throughout the whole of China. Shane English School, Yuxi was established in July 2008 and has become one of the best and most effective English schools in Yunnan province. Here in Yuxi we have an on-going commitment to the support and development of our teachers and students alike. We pride ourselves on how well we look after our teachers both inside and outside of the school and provide a professional, well organized and relaxing work environment. Our modern, well equipped school, excellent teaching materials and engaging learning environment means that our present staff compliment of 7 native English speaking teachers can easily help the children to achieve the highest educational standard possible.

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